Production Management
To make sure that the equipment produced by ZTEcom can be able to have the first level quality, ZTEcom pay much attention to its production management, it strictly apply ISO9001 standards and 5S management into the production period.

1. Select the qualified component suppliers and buy the components from the original factory directly
ZTEcom has built its qualified component supplier system, for the key components, ZTEcom will select at least three qualified suppliers into the system, and all components should be purchased from this qualified component supplier system to be sure that the quality.

2. PCBA management
For small customer-orieted order, ZTEcom has its own production line, which can make the production more flexible, and easy to control the quality.
For big order, ZTEcom will select the high level PCBA factory to provide PCB and SMT service, the cooperated factory has advanced production line and very good quality control system, and at the same time, ZTEcom also sends its quality control engineer to these factories to make sure that the quality can be 100% assured. ZTEcom and its partners try to build a wonderful POE & industrial switch production chain.


3. Production Management
ZTEcom makes its production procedures to be regulatory, and posts are set rationally, which realize assembly line work, and full test. Through strict production management, the quality can be assured.

4. Quality control
During production, ZTEcom strictly follows quality control, and in every production nodes ZTEcom follows ISO9001 quality standards and 5S standards.

5. Stock Management
ZTEcom adopts scientific standardized stock management, from material, components to semi-finished products and finished product, they are stored in the right method and right place.

ZTEcom continuously focus on the details, and continuously improves its production management to realize customer’s satisfaction.