What We Do

Do you want to make history? Chinese communication companies have reached the top level of the world; now ZTEcom is a Chinese leading provider of PoE equipment and industrial Ethernet switch. it has gathered more and more talents to make ZTEcom have excellent and best service, and gained top level in communication field.


Our innovations and work with customers and partners all over the globe are empowering our customers to have total solution and one-site purchase, which make the PoE and switch easier and flexible.


As part of ZTEcom, you become a force for positive change. Whether you work with our PoE or industrial Ethernet switch, you make a real difference to customer’s life and Chinese talents. It’s about bringing innovation and integrity together to change the world for the better.


Working at ZTEcom, you’ll be part of a team of talented individuals with a strong sense of purpose, dedicated to conducting services responsibly. You’ll create solutions that create values for customers. You will build your career on our traditions of reliability, trust and integrity – while making your own mark on history.


ZTEcom regards its employees as the most valuable wealth; it employs first-class people and provides mature training systems and scientific methodologies to ensure that they are equipped with powerful tools to enable them to fully demonstrate their individual talents.


ZTEcom believes to respect and treat every employee fairly. We trust and respect our workers, and believe that company's development is closely bound up with its employees' progress.


ZTEcom provides its employees with a wide and varied range of personal development opportunities, their potential can be continuously developed in different directions within the corporation.


By providing competitive salary, continuous training, career advancement opportunities and a self-motivated work environment, ZTEcom has been rewarded with a loyal and enthusiastic professional workforce.