Research & Development

ZTEcom continuously works towards improving the ability to innovate the optical communication and access network technologies and services based on our customers' requirements and customer values. The R&D team has so many years' experiences in optimize the existing optical communication and access network technologies and has accumulated professional skills, they work very well. The R&D team has strong innovation ability, and has developed many new models of optical communication equipment and access network devices which ZTEcom has full intelligent priorities.
During new technology development, ZTEcom strengthens the cooperation with the universities and institutes, and has built up close relationship with them, and ZTEcom improves the research ability and level through the cooperation with them.
ZTEcom has built a joint R&D lab with Nanjing University and Southeast University (the top 10 universities in China) to keep technical innovations in the optical communication and access network technologies. And the equipment and system should pass the strictest test before delivery to the customers. At the same time, our oversea branch and partners can provide the equipment localization and modification suggestions, then ZTEcom can develop and produce the suitable equipment to fully satisfy the overseas customer's requirements to realize win-win solution.

ZTEcom's commitment to innovation ensures that its products stay at the leading edge of modern communication technology.

Nanjing University 
and the building that our communiction lab is located.