Welcome to ZTEcom
Radio over Fiber equipment ZTEcom offers a variety of Radio over fiber equipment with operating frequencies beyond 20 GHz. the products offer wide dynamic range and excellent noise figure performance.
TDM over IP equipment ZTEcom provide the most cost-effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet networking technology, ZT10 serial equipment adopts the innovative TDM over IP technology.
PCM PDH equipment ZTEcom provides all types of PCM PDH equipment, from high-end to low-end, from standard size to customer-oriented type, from rack mount to portable. All multiplexers offer flexible system configuration, high reliability and most competitive price.
PoE serial equipment ZTEcom provides full PoE serial equipment, including PoE switch, PoE injector, PoE splitter, PoE extender. we have joined fully PoE talents in China, can provide low to top level PoE serial equipment.
Video Optic Equipment ZTEcom provides different types of video optic equipment for many years, ZTEcom’s video optic equipment enjoys high reliability, most cost-effective, and gain different customers trust.
GEPON OLT/ONU equipment ZTEcom produces ZT60 serial GEPON OLT/ONU equipment, which has different capacity and can be used in different applications. ZTEcom’s GEPON NMS system is based on SNMP, GUI interface.
Hello, we are ZTEcom ZTEcom is the leading services provider for aboard customers with reliable communication equipment, it was backup by Nanjing University and Southeast University (the top 10 universities in China), providing products and innovations in IP and rof, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access, to service providers, enterprises and institutions throughout the world. ZTEcom has built the excellent lab and executed the strict QA policy, and has gathered the excellent resources in communication field; at the same time, it has built three aboard service centers to provide local service for aboard customers, and more and more local service center will be built in the future, ZTEcom will provide u factory price with much better local services for you.